TQM EXcellence Model

©2008  Prof. Sam  HO & Dr. Christopher Fung


Table of Contents   -   5-S


1. Introduction to Quality
     1.1  What is Quality
     1.2  Definition of Quality
     1.3  Why is there a need for TQM


2. TQM Gurus' Ideas
     2.1  W. Edwards Deming
     2.2  Joseph M. Juran
     2.3  Philip Crosby
     2.4  Kaoru Ishikawa
     2.5  Shigeo Shingo
     2.6  Yoshio Kondo


3. TQMEX Model
     3.1  Introduction: The Need for a Model in TQM
     3.2  The Structure of TQMEX
     3.3  The Logic of TQMEX
           3.3.1  5-S
           3.3.2  BPR
           3.3.3  QCC
           3.3.4  ISO
           3.3.5  TPM
           3.3.6  TQM


4. Validation & Future Improvement
     4.1  Conclusion
     4.2  Source of Information and Advice
     4.3  Validation of TQM Integrated Approach Internet System
     4.4  Forum for Discussion


For further details, please visit: TQM: An Integrated Approach


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