4.0 Validation

4.2 Conclusion

TQMEX is a systematic model encompassing the essential TQM methodologies to achieve excellence. It consists of the following elements:

The TQM EXcellence Model is based on sound TQM principles and logically presented.
TQMEX is needed in order to satisfy customers consistently.

Dr. Deming used to say, "TQM will last forever." Therefore it is important to understand that the TQMEX implementation should not be a programme in its own right. It should be a continuous process, subject to improvement cycle. The Deming Cycle should be followed at each stage of the TQMEX implementation. There should also be measurable inputs and outputs, so that the changes can be identified for further improvement. The following steps serve as the guidelines:

and finally,

"I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I learn."
-- Confucius, Chinese philosopher, 500BC.

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4.3 Source of Information and Advice

TQM An Integrated Approach BQF BSI IQA NSQT
TQM An Integrated Approach British Quality Foundation Bristish Standards Institution Institute of Quality Assurance National Society for Quality through Teamwork

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