2018/19 APBEST Award Timeline




Critical Steps



Jun 2018

Invitation to apply for the APBEST Award

Website and Promotional Materials ready for distribution

Publicity through various media in the A-P regions

31 Oct 2018

Submission Document (around 50 pages A-4)

Assessed by the Board of Examiners (BoE) in their home countries

Feedback Report on: 30 Nov 2018

10-14 Dec 18

Presentation & Site Visit (0.5 to 1 day / firm)

- Each Candidate firm will give a 1-hour PPT presentation to the BoE followed by 1-hour Q&A

- Verification conducted by the BoE on-site of the Candidates

-  BoE assess the presentation and decide on site visit issues

-  BoE verify results based on sample evidence on site

15 Dec 2018

Final Decision

Final Decision session conducted by the BoE before deciding on the Award results

Distribute Feedback Reports to Candidates on: 22 Dec 2018

Feb 2019 (t.b.c.)

APBEST Award Dinner

Award Dinner to be held in a A-P Country

APBEST Winners’ case summary reported in newspaper