2006, 2008 & 2010 - APBEST Award Winners


1.     Grand Award Winners HK Housing Society (HK), Kalmar A-P Operation & Queen Elizabeth Hospital (HK)

2.     BEST Education in A-P – Hang Seng School of Commerce (HK) & SCPE, HK Institute of Education

3.     BEST Entertainment in A-P – Neway Karaoke Box Ltd. (HK, Macau, China & Malaysia)

4.     BEST Facility Management in A-P – Semasa Sentral Sdn Bhd. (Malaysia)

5.     BEST Health & Beauty in A-P – Squina International Holdings Group Ltd. (Japan, HK, China & Macau)

6.     BEST Manufacturing in A-P – Manfield Coatings Ltd. (China & HK), Uchiya Ltd. (HK, Japan & China) & Ri Yong-JEA Gate Electric Co., Ltd. (HK & China)

7.     BEST Mining in A-P – Zhaojin Mining Industry Co. Ltd.  (China & HK)

8.     BEST Property Mgt. in A-P – Well Born Real Estate Mgt. Ltd. & Hang Yick Property Mgt. Co. Ltd. (HK)

9.     BEST Restaurant in A-P – Tin-Tin Seafood Harbour Group (China) & Crystal Jade Culinary Concepts Holding (8 countries in A-P)

10.   BEST Services in A-P – Anzi Domestic Helper Services (China)








2006-APBEST Award Winners TV & Newspaper Reports


Content Winners ATV (English) Sing Tao (Chinese)
Introduction M01-Intr ST1-Intr

APBEST Award Background M02-Back
Examiners' view M03-Exam
Winners - Corporate: M04-Winn
Grand Award & EQA Criteria Winner HK Housing Society (HK) M05-HKHS ST3-HKHS
EQA Criteria Winner for SME Hang Seng School of Commerce (HK) M06-HSSC ST4-HSSC
BNQA Criteria Winner Manfield Coatings Company (China & HK) M07-MC ST5-MC
JDP Criteria Winner Uchiya HK Ltd. (HK, China & Japan) M08-Uchi ST6-Uchi
Individual Prizes

 -  Prof. Yoji Akao (Japan),

 -  Dr. Y.K. Chan (HK),

 -  Prof. John Dalrymple (Australia),

 -  Prof. Prasert Suttiprasit (Thailand),

 -  Prof. C.C. Yang (Taiwan),

 -  Dr. Nicolas Yeung (HK)

M09-Indi ST2-Indi

2008-APBEST Award


M10-AP07 ST7-AP07



2008-APBEST Award Winners

Content Winners Sing Tao (Chinese)
Introduction ST08-G1
Winners - Corporate

BEST Logistics in A-P & Overall Winner

Kalmar (A-P) Operation ST08-G2Ka

BEST Property Management in A-P

Henderson Land Gp. Property Mgt. Dept. (HK)  

BEST Entertainment in A-P

Neway Karaoke Box Ltd. (HK, Macau, China, Malaysia)  
BEST Education in A-P


ST08-G5I1 &


BEST Facility Management in A-P Semasa Sentral Sdn. Bhd. (Malaysia)  
BEST Restaurant in A-P Tin-Tin Restaurant Group (China)  

BEST Manufacturing in A-P

Uchiya HK Ltd. (HK & Japan) ST08-G6Uc
Individual Prizes

(please see detail below)

 P01 -  Mr. Tak-Wah Leung (Uchiya, HK/Japan)

 P02 -  Mr. Ken Loh (Kalmar, A-P)

 P03 -  Dr. Edwin K.P. Wong (SCPE-HKIED)

 P04 -  Mr. M. Uchiya (UTC, Japan)

 P05 -  En. Md. Roslan Dato’ Shariff (Semasa, Malaysia)

 P06 -  Mr. Nicolas Wan (Neway, A-P)

 P07 -  Mr. Chor-Ching Wong (Tin-Tin, China)

 P08 -  Ms. Tracy W. B. Wong (SCPE-HKIED)

 P09 -  Mr. Eugene Che (Kalmar, A-P)

 P10 -  Prof. Taina Savolainen (Finland)

 P11 -  Mr. Bao-Fa Ma (China)




APBEST-08 Prizes for Individuals




Individual Prizes

Citation from the Individual Winners

P01: APBEST Leader of the Year

Mr. Tak-Wah Leung

Director, Uchiya Thermostat Company (Japan) & GM, UHK

Uchiya HK LtdUHKhas been established since 1986.  Mr. Leung learnt during the past 22 years that INSISTENCE on good practices is of primary importance.  He insisted upon the 5-S practice from 1998 onwards and finally UHK got the Gold Prize in the Good Housekeeping Campaign organized by the HK Occupational Safety & Health Council in 2008.  Mr. Leung would like to take this opportunity to thank Prof. Sam Ho for his contribution to 5-S and help in training our staff to learn both 5-S and Lean 5-S.  In addition, according to one of his management philosophies, “Honors go to the Boss, Achievements go to the Subordinates, Responsibilities go to Myself”, he is deeply indebted to both his boss, Mr. M. Uchiya and all the staff of UHK.


P02: APBEST Strategist of the Yer

Mr. Ken Loh

President, Kalmar Asia Pacific Operation

Mr. Loh has been in the container handling equipment and services business for over 20 years.  He has led a small team to develop to the current operation of over 1,000 staff in 20 sales & services offices and 3 assembly plants in the Asia Pacific Region.  As an entrepreneurial and visionary leader, Mr. Loh has set clear direction and strategies to steer the company development.  He has built a strong management foundation by cultivating the employees with the 4 Core Values of Professionalism, Quality, Reliability and Partnership. Through the successful implementation of the programs in people, quality and workout management, the company has demonstrated outstanding achievements in Business Excellence.  Kalmar is recognized as a market leader and lifetime partner by the customers in the industry. 

P03: APBEST Human Resources Developer of the Year

Dr. Edwin K.P. Wong

Director, SCEP, HK Institute of Education

Dr. Wong, who distinguishes himself by his qualities of leadership, puts a strong emphasis on people-orientedness and the importance of mutual communication.  He encourages staff involvement in policy decision-making in order to enhance their sense of belonging.  His academic papers have been widely published including on the world’s well-known “Journal of Educational Psychology”.  Other than serving as board members of several schools and tertiary institutes, Dr. Wong is also involved in various community services.  His expertise and contribution have earned him wide recognition by the community.

P04: APBEST Partnership Driver of the Year

Mr. M. Uchiya

Chairman, UTC

Uchiya Thermostat Co. Ltd.UTCis 50 years old and Mr. M. Uchiya is the President of UTC and UHK.  When it set up a subsidiary in Hong Kong in 1986, UHK only had 30 people and now there are about 190 people.  Surprisingly, there are no Japanese and all staff are Hong Kong locals.  UHK and Hong Kong people have coordinated smoothly.  The Japanese headquarters act as a partner to UHK, instead of the parent company.  UTC and UHK have built a good partnership during the past 22 years.  UTC has confidence to UHK as well as Hong Kong people.  As all of us are in the financial tsunami, we must have confidence in ourselves, our country and our nations. 


P05: APBEST Operation Driver of the Year

En. Md. Roslan Dato’ Shariff

Chief Operation Officer, Semasa Sentral Sdn. Bhd.

Mr. Roslan’s aim in creating a high performance team is supported through the strong & positive working culture in the company that values each employee’s contribution and allows them to use their individual talents & skills to the fullest.  In ensuring the fulfillment of the needs of the customers & stakeholders, he spearheads the team in determining and reviewing requirements & expectations and together with the team, he established the company’s direction towards the company’s vision in being the world-class transportation hub management company that exceeds the customers’ expectation.  Through strategic planning he analyzes the company’s operational and financial performance and also set & monitor KPI & measurable quality objectives of the company.

P06: APBEST Human Resources Depolyment of the Year

Mr. Nicholas Wan

Executive Director, Neway Karaoke Box Ltd.)

Mr. Wan aims at achieving total quality in the organization and actively involves in different activities and practices. In order to enhance staff’s personal development, he gives confidence and encourages them to join different programs. Nicholas treats employees as “the most valuable assets”. They are the one who drive the business with their excellent work performance. Furthermore, meeting quality and performance goal requires a fully committed, well-trained, and involved workforce. Equipping the management personnel with better management skills and customer services attitude is the essential requirement, and thereby further upgrade the overall performance of both the individual staff and the company as a whole. 

P07: APBEST Customer Service Driver of the Year

Mr. Chor-Ching Wong

CEO, Tin-Tin Seafood Harbour Group Ltd. 

Mr. Wong has been working in the food industry for over 20 years, in the capacity of both investor and director.  The APBEST Award has given him a good chance to reflect on his achievement.  Firstly, Mr. Wong would like to thank Prof. Sam Ho and Mr. John Choi, the Chair and Vice-chair of the HK 5-S Association respectively.  They have given him new management techniques to improve the business, leading it towards modernization.  Secondly, the APBEST Award exercise has helped him to set new directions for growth.  Last but not the least, he would like to thank his family members who have given him the continuous support to drive him forward.  With these, Mr. Wong is fully committed to lead the Tin-Tin Group towards excellence.  

P08: APBEST Social Responsibility Driver of the Year

Ms. Tracy W.B. Wong,

Senior Manager (Academic), SCEP, HKIED

Ms. Wong has accumulated many years of experience in the organization and promotion of continuing education, covering areas in art education, teacher education and youth education. All through the years, she has devoted herself to achieving the highest quality in the offering of educational programmes demanded by society. In this regard she believes it is continuous quality assurance that distinguishes a successful educational programme provider from its counterparts.

P09: APBST KPI Achievement of the Year

Mr. Eugene Che

Senior TQM Manager, Kalmar Asia Pacific Operation

Mr. Che graduated in Electronic Engineering and pursued his further study in Quality Management.  With his quality management professionalism, He has uplifted customer satisfaction by the successful implementation of many quality improvement programs in the APAC region. He led the company to earn the “Safety Management System Award” and the “Good Housekeeping Award” through the 5-S Practice. He demonstrated significant contributions towards the company’s outstanding achievements in Business Excellence.


P10: APBEST Outstanding Contributor of the Year

Prof. Taina Savolainen

U. of Joensuu & Chief Examiner, Finnish Quality Award

Prof. Savolainen has profound expertise in the European Quality Award Criteria (EQA Model). She has acted as an examiner and Chief examiner of the Finnish Quality Award for over ten years. Her expert knowledge has become well known in the high quality of assessment reports to a number of companies. In the last three years she has been involved in the APBEST Academy as a member of the Board of Examiners. In the APBEST Board, she represents a special expertise in the EQA Criteria. For her outstanding achievements she has been included in the Editions to Who’s Who in Finland 2007 and Who’s Who in the World 2009.


P11:  APBEST Quality Movement Driver of the Year

Mr. Bao-Fa Ma

General Manager,

Shanghai Ri Yong-JEA Gate Electric Co. Ltd.

Mr. Ma is a leader as well as a specialist in researching and applying reliability engineering in the design and production of cooling fan modules.  He also drives the quality management of his company.  He proposed the concept of “Applicability Quality” and favoured the core values of “Pursue the excellence and never stop to excel”.  During the last 30 years, he led the company to the road of sustainable development by “Breakthrough Management”.  Consequently, he was awarded various honours such as the  “National Mechanism Industry Outstanding Contribution Awards for Quality Management”, “Shanghai Quality Association Development Contributor Awards”, etc.